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"I have been on my journey to learning the skill of trading Forex for about 15 months. When I first started learning how to trade I thought that I had to be the worse trader in the world! I had bad entry points, incorrect positions and one blown account after another. Since joining the CSA5 Steps family, I have seen exponential growth. My mindset is changing as I learn how to think like a “banker in a time machine”. I am much better at analyzing the charts, I have better entry points and I am definitely winning more of my trades. One of the most things that CSA5 Steps has given me is confidence. Because of the CSA5 Steps system, I know that I will have a successful career as a Forex trader. Thank you Mr. Eastman for CSA5 Steps!"

Priscilla Warren

"Thank you to CSA5STEPS for teaching me trading as a business and a career. I have saved countless dollars by investing in this fundamental valuable education versus donating money to the market. CSA5Steps has the Strategies, Systems, Tools, and Community to help a good student learn, earn, and improve consistently."

Benji Benjamin

"I’ve been studying and learning the CSA5steps for a year and the results of my trading have been dramatically improved. Thank you Clint Eastman!"

Salvatore Curatolo

"csa 5-steps showed me the simplicity in trading and how professional traders really approach the markets !! My ability to gain pips has increased 100% Thank you Clint Eastman!"

Edward Littlepage

"Last year I stumbled across an opportunity I had been looking for for half my life. I had no experience in the financial world, I had never even believed it was possible for an every day person like myself to even be a part of it. Thanks to the CSA5steps I have learned that anything is possible when you apply yourself to your desires and studys I am so very grateful for this affordable education that's giving me a life long skill to extract money at will from the 6.6 Trillion Market."

Kathryn Birmingham

"I have been trading for over 10 years now, and have tried nearly every educational product or gimick on the market. I was introduced to Clint Eastman ,and his CSA5 STEPS Methodology a little over three years ago, and I can tell you that what is offered here is PRICELESS. "

Tim Duggan

"The CSA 5 Steps program is the core foundation to comprehending the forex markets. It is the principles on Currency Strength Analysis and interaction with key theories, strategies, tools, and applications. The training is in real time demonstration of proper methodology practices. The CSA5Steps program is helping me to reach my financial goals. The fact I have the chance to work with a 37 year veteran trader, gives me the confident I have been looking for in my trainer. Thank you Clint Eastman for giving us your time and your commitment to us students."

Chuck Debow

"After struggling with trading and trying strategy after strategy, I have finally begun to understand the market thanks to Clint Eastman’s teachings. He is a true master trader with 35 years of experience. Using CSA 5 Stepshas helped me to have more success with trading Forex. Thank you Clint Eastman!"

Dr. Linda Kelly


Our goal at CSA5steps is to provide a common sense approach to Futures, Forex, and Cryptocurrency trading. You will learn trading concepts that will show you exactly who and what really moves the market. At CSA5steps you will learn a 100 + year old method known as the, "Wyckoff Method." Many of the institutions and hedge funds still use this method in todays markets.


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